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An Ounce of Prevention…

Entry Point for unwanted Pest

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure-Ben Franklin.  Here are a few tips to help you pest proof your home or business.

1. Check your door & window seals for gaps or cracks where pest can enter. This can also improve the efficiency of the structure.

2. Check your crawl space access door for gaps or entry points.

3. Plumbing/Utility penetrations are perfect areas to seal. Be sure to check the point of entry for your telephone or cable lines.

4. Remove all vegetation or landscape bushes that physically touch the structure. Allow 1-2 ft around the perimeter for proper inspections.

5. Make sure your gutters/downspouts are draining away from the structure. This will reduce high moisture which is a major factor for termite damage.

6. Lots of squirrels and bats can enter your home through the louver vents located at the top of the roof. Make sure there is proper screening behind the louvers to prevent entry. 

7. Keep firewood piles away from your house in a dry protected area.  Always have your PMP (Pest Management Professional) check and treat accordingly.

8. Continue with a regular pest prevention program offered by you PMP either with a quarterly, monthly or yearly inspection.

9. Always have a yearly termite inspection. Early detection can reduce serious damage to your home or business.

10. If you need help call a PMP today at 910-599-9846

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